Annette Stanton is a leading executive and business coach attesting her winning formula to her national sporting background as a World Masters Champion. She is also a world-renowned author with her book entitled The Power of Vision.

At present she is in developmental stages with her second book sharing the inside secrets of a champion sportswoman’s formula to winning in business and winning in life, entitled Unleash The Champion Within, soon to be released.

For more than 3 decades, Annette has coached and facilitated thousands of individuals worldwide to successfully live life to their full potential, honouring their vision, mission and goals according to their true values.

The Power Of Vision

The 7 Secrets to Personal, Business & Financial Freedom by Annette Stanton

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In her book, Annette reveals how to implement her seven secret steps to living life Clarity, Confidence and freedom. She promises that by doing so you will achieve personal, business and financial freedom.

The Power of Vision unearths how to:

  • Discover the benefits of having a vision in your whole life
  • Learn the steps you need to take to maintain your life success
  • Use the amazing power of focus to achieve your life goals
  • Breakthrough what gets in the way of your own success
  • Close the gap from where you are, to where you want to be in life
  • Develop the millionaire mindset secrets
  • Accomplish more by trying less and living in the zone
  • Develop your creative side – in your thoughts, in your feelings, and in your actions
  • Live life to your fullest potential every day.

“The steps in The Power of Vision are do-able. They can help people clarify their vision and develop clear goals, and take achievable steps.” Annette says.

The Power of Vision is also one of Annette’s most popular Keynote Speeches.

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I met Annette under circumstances unrelated to her book, but her attitude, grace and poise interested me and I wanted to explore further. I can honestly say that reading her book changed my focus, approach and outlook.”

Julie C.

I had a good read of your book on the weekend and really enjoyed it. Still lots of challenges and some major items to be eradicated, but am learning a lot and am quietly confident.”

Kieran T.

So enjoying your book, that I will read it again. I love that you really have motivated me and reinforced how important writing goals and affirmations are. It has really helped me to stay on track and move forward in my personal and business life.”

Leanne V.
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Annette Stanton

“I see a world where leaders are being called to step up and out - to lead from their authentic self with greater connection.

My mission is to activate revolutionary leadership across the globe where leaders are living their highest vision and purposeful mission every day.”

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