Setting Strong Boundaries – ‘Draw your line in the sand’

A boundary is like ‘drawing a line in the sand’ that clearly defines what you are willing and not willing to accept from others. Too many people create their own challenges by not setting strong boundaries – in fact they are afraid to speak up for themselves. Your boundaries protect you from yourself, and attract you towards healthy people who will support you in achieving your goals unconditionally. Boundaries will help you to create who you are and who you are not.

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The Unconventional Motivator for Team Performance

Jordon came to me for leadership coaching, wanting to improve his team’s communication and efficiency. The first thing I asked him was, “When was the last time you acknowledged your team members?” With a proud smile on his face, he said, “I took them out to lunch to celebrate winning our last contract.”
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The Hidden Principles to Developing a Champion Team

Are you having challenges when it comes to creating a team who works well together? When it comes to developing a champion team, there are principles that are not often spoken about which are vital to the success of your team working together, instead of a group of individuals hoping it all comes together at the end of the day.

I remember as a World Masters champion sportswoman, when on the field if we did not communicate we would not know what action our team members were about to take. We needed to hear the communication loud and clear so we knew exactly what support our team members needed. We needed to know exactly what move to make, where we needed to be positioned on the field in order to win the game.
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Stand Out with your Unique Champion Brand

In looking back on my sporting career I now see that I had a very strong unique brand that had me stand out from the crowd and I was not even aware of branding in those days.

I was always being interviewed for leading National and Australian newspapers and magazines, including The Australian Women’s Weekly Magazine and The Australian Newspaper.
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Champion Tips to Adapting Quickly When The Game Changes

When the game changes, it is important to adapt quickly in order to capitalise on the change. Change happens faster than you may think and in actual fact change is inevitable. We are all evolving every moment of every day, and if you do not evolve with change by doing things differently, then you will get left behind feeling like you are playing catch-up.

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Champion Sporting Secrets to Bring on your ‘A’ Game every day

Most leaders today are exhausted and frustrated because they are hitting the glass ceiling while striving for higher levels of performance to achieve greater success. This can cause a drop in motivation, questioning your abilities due to unproductive results, or setting unrealistic goals set in unrealistic time-frames – no matter how much harder you push.

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The Truth about Peak Performance

I was always taught to push and drive myself to achieve success. The only way to win was to play hard, train hard, work hard, be hard on myself in order to become the best, and even then, I would always tell myself to push harder.

The truth is, I never felt anything I achieved was good enough. I always had very high expectations on myself to excel and move beyond.

Can you relate to this yourself? If so, how’s it working for you now?

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