The Truth about Peak Performance

I was always taught to push and drive myself to achieve success. The only way to win was to play hard, train hard, work hard, be hard on myself in order to become the best, and even then, I would always tell myself to push harder.

The truth is, I never felt anything I achieved was good enough. I always had very high expectations on myself to excel and move beyond.

Can you relate to this yourself? If so, how’s it working for you now?

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The Quickest Way to Get in your Zone

In the fast pace of life and business today, it is easy to get caught up in reaction mode with a false sense of productivity. This makes getting into their zone quite challenging for best results. Clients are always pleasantly surprised just how much more they can achieve, in less time and with less effort, when they are working and living in the zone.Read More

The Hidden Principles to Developing a Champion Team

Are you having challenges when it comes to creating a team who works well together? When it comes to developing a champion team, there are principles that are not often spoken about which are vital to the success of your team working together, instead of a group of individuals hoping it all comes together at the end of the day.Read More

Women Being the Champions of Change

I had the most amazing conversation with a male business leader this week, and was pleasantly surprised when he said, “I believe that woman are the ones on the leading edge who will make the necessary changes we need to see in the world”.

I loved what I was hearing and totally agreed with him. Men really want women to step up and lead the way for change.

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The Top 7 Qualities of a Champion Leader

Let’s talk about leadership and more importantly what leadership success is really all about.

I proclaim that we are all leaders in our own personal and professional life and when I approach this subject inside a coaching conversation, the perception of what leadership is to each individual, is varied and wide.

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Creating a Champion Mindset

I remember back in 1984, I was training for the Australian Touch Football Champion Titles. My trainer handed me a sheet of paper faced down. As he handed a piece paper to each of the 20 team members who made the selection squad he said, “When you turn this sheet over and read it, it will change the way you see things, not only on the sports field, but also in your life.”

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Annette Stanton

“I see a world where leaders are being called to step up and out - to lead from their authentic self with greater connection.

My mission is to activate revolutionary leadership across the globe where leaders are living their highest vision and purposeful mission every day.”

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