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Bearing the responsibility of owning or managing a business can be stressful. As a CEO or manager, often there is no one to lean on, no one to support you. You are accountable for high performance and productivity, which can be overwhelming, and you’re expected to not show any weakness and vulnerability.

You may feel that your leadership style used to work. It was successful years ago, but now it’s no longer working for you. In today’s ever evolving world, we also need to evolve. Let Annette Stanton coach you to be a better leader. Annette’s winning formula is from her national sporting background. Throughout her sporting career Annette identified that when your heart is not in the game, you don’t win. She translates this alignment with business success and has developed a program based on her sporting successes to assist people in the business world. She will teach you how to grow your business and achieve next level performance, whilst creating a lifestyle that suits you.

Annette can be your sounding board and assist you in connecting with your team. She’ll identify the leader within you first and help you engage and communicate with your team to help them perform at their best.

You are the master of your own life and business. Annette is a Master Coach who has also studied human behaviour and has lived at a high performance level. She’ll help you identify the true leader within you and transition you to a winning formula. She’ll help you gain clarity to move forward. You’ll be able to move forward in understanding the ‘why’ of your business so that you can connect with your company, your staff, your team; and do so with a clear leadership style that matches your values. This will offer you peak performance and better productivity – and you can achieve all of this while being balanced.

“Every great team is lead and inspired by a great captain.
Every great captain has an experienced coach.”

“One on one coaching is personal. Not all coaches are the right fit for individuals, which is why we need to talk first. I am a coach of integrity and I only coach individuals who are a match.”


If you are ready to work with Annette on becoming an empowered captain of your team and your company, please contact the office


Take your coaching investment one step further and have Annette coach your team.

A lot of people don’t like going to work anymore. They have lost the love of what they do and they are therefore not performing – there is a major lack of productivity. This stems from a lack of motivation, stemming from a lack of connection.

Annette uses the winning sporting strategies, techniques and formulas she gained from being a champion sportswoman to coach people today. She can reconnect your team to working together and within themselves. In her interactive coaching team sessions, Annette will teach your team how to engage together, communicate effectively, and offer them a clear understanding of strategies assisting them in achieving your company’s objectives.

Every person is a ‘leader’ within himself or herself. Annette will help your team identify what their true individual strengths are, how to own them, and how to translate them in to a winning team formula.

“I coach teams to get invested in the company
with their hearts and not just their heads.
When leading from the heart- everyone wins.”


“Team coaching is powerful. Not all coaches are the right fit for all team requirements, which is why we need to talk first. I am a coach of integrity and I only coach teams who are a match.”

If you and your team are ready to work with Annette on becoming a powerful team who works together in achieving company objectives, please contact the office

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    “We wanted to set goals and put procedures into place to achieve this. Our income and amount of business has increased by 50% ever since we have been seeing Annette as our coach. We have improved in the area of time management and setting enough time aside for my health, my family and myself.”

    Shelley & Kim Tanner
    Directors, Mortgage Vision

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    “I have really honed in on my ability to identify and balance priorities.  Having Annette as my coach has also met my initial goal of ‘fast tracking’ improvements.  I am focused on my priorities and I now rarely worry about distractions that in the past would have bothered me.”

    Rosemary W.
    Partner Lawyer

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    “Annette is an amazing coach both on a personal and business level. She has helped me to get to know myself over the years and given me an insight into how others view me. This has been absolutely vital in enabling me to move to a higher level in my professional life.”

    Angela McGuinness
    Director, The BAS Agency

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    “Annette Stanton is a professional, knowledgeable, honest and authentic leader and a genuine and caring woman. Her courage in sharing; commitment, sincerity, work ethic and timely follow up are much valued and appreciated. Thank you Annette. You have had such a positive influence on me.”

    Dr. Susan Roberts
    Director, Sensei HR  

  • “It got to a point where my personal life and family was taking backstage priority over my professional life and I was suffering from business slavery. I am now conscious of my boundaries and am able to separate and balance my personal and professional life.”

    Managing Director, Accounting Firm

  • “She is not afraid to challenge but does it in a manner that is not threatening or confronting. Annette was totally there for me during our sessions and there was never a time that I felt that she was dealing with her own “head noises”. I always felt that I was in control and she was there to walk beside me.”

    Sally Rowell
    Manager, Positive Services
    WA Aids Council

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Annette Stanton

“I see a world where leaders are being called to step up and out - to lead from their authentic self with greater connection.

My mission is to activate revolutionary leadership across the globe where leaders are living their highest vision and purposeful mission every day.”

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