When reflecting on the many achievements in my professional and personal life, I couldn’t understand why I did not feel happy, fulfilled or good enough, no matter how much I accomplished. I realized that I had limited my vision success to achieving tangible results with me still yearning for more.

As I reflected back on my sporting days, the vision I had was quite limited because it was mainly about achieving recognition through winning fairest and best, being selected for state and national teams.

The most memorable times I had were the natural contributing actions I took and the real connection I had with the team and coach. For example, I remember team members asking if they could join me for extra training sessions and I would coach them to believe in their ability and train them physically in the areas that they needed to improve. I also remember how much I enjoyed the team camaraderie before, during and after training sessions and games.

So in other words, I enjoyed the activities along the way in my physical senses, whilst my head was focusing on the bigger picture. I was not fully present to the joy of the real journey and aware of the things that I loved about playing sport. I was disconnected.

This was a real wake up call for me especially because I noticed I was living my whole life like this. I then decided to change my vision and goal setting process making sure it honored my heart’s vision and values from the inside out and the outside in.

To play a bigger game, it is important to tune into your heart’s vision in all areas of your life, not just your head vision.


For those people that want to go a little deeper into the area of vision, the most powerful and defining vision question I was asked over 15 years ago was “What do you want for yourself and others in the world”? This was a profound shift to the way I processed and thought about vision and goal setting. All of a sudden my vision became so much bigger than me. http://annettestanton.com/vision/

What I learnt was that when you know who you are, why you do what you do, and what you want for yourself in life and others, and then you will be clearer on your purposeful path in life. You will know exactly what career path to step into or what business to create fulfilling your heart’s vision and your why. You will create connected relationships at work and at home. You will enjoy your work and your relationships knowing it is an extension of who you really are.

I created this simple model, which helped to keep me focused on my inspirational vision knowing that my goals were connected to my values. This gave me instant happiness and success knowing that every step I took was a valuable contribution in each moment knowing that I was achieving results every single day.

This stopped me from exhausting myself because I had the habit of driving myself to achieve greater results, yet never truly feeling happy with any of my accomplishments. There is another way! http://annettestanton.com/coaching/

The Champion Vision Model


Create your heart’s vision with realistic goals with an action plan made up of specific daily actions for the whole you including your whole life, you will witness consistent results.

Your vision is not just about accumulating stuff or getting the next award, improved relationships, new career or the next leadership role. Your vision is a true expression of your goals, values and actions that give you your mission and purpose in life.

Your goals are a specific breakdown of your vision with your action plan being your specific daily steps to take knowing that you are acting each day on your vision, values and goals.

I share this because you just never know where your journey will take you. If you can dream it – just keep doing the things that you love, create momentum by consistently being in action and the opportunities will open up for you. I believe opportunities are everywhere. The key is are you consciously looking for them or are you focusing on what’s not happening or what’s missing in your professional and personal life.

The world master’s was not even on my radar, as I did not know about it until I was travelling in Canada on holidays. I had heard about it in Vancouver after meeting a group of Aussies and asked if they knew if touch football was played at the World Masters. They did not have the answer so when I returned to Australia I did some research and found out that the sport was still quite young in other areas throughout the world. So then I let it go.

It wasn’t until I moved to Queensland and joined the local team, which had many Australian players in it; In 1994 I was asked if I would be interested in playing in a team that they were putting together for the World Masters. The rest is history as we won Gold and became World Masters Champions.

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Annette Stanton

Annette Stanton

With a national sporting background as a World Masters Champion, Annette Stanton uses her winning sporting strategies, techniques and formulas she gained from being a champion athlete to coach people today in a personal and business capacity. Annette has more than 32 years of experience as a powerful coach. She undertakes executive, business, personal coaching, team coaching and motivational speaker engagements. She is an international speaker specialising in transformational leadership.