As a CEO or manager, often there is no one to lean on, no one to support you. You are accountable for high performance and productivity, which can be overwhelming, and you’re expected to not show any weakness and vulnerability.

Just like in sport, every team needs a captain. You are the captain of your company. If the captain is not admired, respected and inspiring the team, then you will have a disjointed team that is unproductive, not engaging, lacking innovation and not working together.

“A team is only as good as its captain.

Are you inspiring and leading your team to its fullest potential?”

I was watching an interview recently with the Australian Football League Captains. They were sharing the different experiences and challenges they were facing after being selected as the Captain of their team.

One particular Captain shared that he had always wanted to be the Captain of his team, but deep down he wasn’t sure if he was ready to take on the high-level of responsibility required to lead and inspire the team. When he was selected, he mentioned that all the Captains throughout Australia had a leadership meeting and he was surprised to hear many of the other Captains felt the same way.

He commented on how surprised he was to hear he was not alone, and how he had a sense of relief knowing he had support. Most of all, he stopped making himself feel ‘wrong’ for having these thoughts and feelings.


“Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway – Step Up – You Are Leadership Ready”

Another Captain talked about wanting to be respected as a Captain and after being a member of the team for the second season running, he knew that something had changed. He spoke about when he goes to ‘toss the coin’ at the start of the game, how he felt strange being the one out in the middle of the oval without his team, and how he wanted to quickly run back to be a part of the team.

He said that he had to learn very quickly the difference between being an effective leader inspiring the team, and being a member of the team. Being both was paramount, as was knowing which activities he was required to lead with and which activities he was required to become the leader. For example, he shared that he did not engage in certain conversations and activities with the team, as it would lower their respect for him as their Captain.

The Captains spoke about how as part of their contract, they were required to have regular interaction with a leadership development mentor. They all agreed that having a mentor was so valuable to not only the success of themselves as leaders, but for the effectiveness of the whole team.

The most surprising part they mentioned was just how much they gained insight in to their own self-awareness and knowing their true leadership style for peak performance and productivity, inspiring and leading the team to success.

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Annette Stanton

Annette Stanton

With a national sporting background as a World Masters Champion, Annette Stanton uses her winning sporting strategies, techniques and formulas she gained from being a champion athlete to coach people today in a personal and business capacity. Annette has more than 32 years of experience as a powerful coach. She undertakes executive, business, personal coaching, team coaching and motivational speaker engagements. She is an international speaker specialising in transformational leadership.