“I have really honed in on my ability to identify and balance priorities. Having Annette as my coach has also met my initial goal of ‘fast tracking’ improvements. I am focused on my priorities and I now rarely worry about distractions that in the past would have bothered me.  I have also found that many opportunities have simply appeared one after the other in quick succession, and I believe that the guidance I have received from Annette has been a significant factor in me in taking advantage of these opportunities.

I have always strived for perfection, and rarely been content with what I have achieved because it was never quite enough. I have learnt the absolute joy of understanding that progress is enough, and when I am pushing the limits I now remind myself that I am aiming for progress every day – not perfection.

I think coaching is not so much about a person providing information to you; rather it is about a person showing you that you have infinite intelligence within yourself and encouraging you to tap into this intelligence. I have learnt to be much more trusting of myself and of my own knowledge and sense of direction. This is incredibly powerful. I must say that my regular meetings with Annette have the most impact on me by far.”

Rosemary W.
Partner Lawyer


“Annette is an amazing coach both on a personal and business level. She has helped me to get to know myself over the years and given me an insight into how others view me. This has been absolutely vital in enabling me to move to a higher level in my professional life. No longer do I drown myself in doubt and misgivings, Annette has taught me to identify and communicate my feelings as a clear, genuine and honest expression of myself.

If you want to take yourself and your business to the next level, I would strongly recommend that you engage Annette to work with you to achieve your goals.”

Angela McGuinness
Director, The BAS Agency


“Annette Stanton is a professional, knowledgeable, honest and authentic leader and a genuine and caring woman. Her courage in sharing; commitment, sincerity, work ethic and timely follow up are much valued and appreciated. Thank you Annette. You have had such a positive influence on me.”

Dr. Susan Roberts
Director, Sensei HR 


“We wanted to push the business to achieve more financially and to expand our existing client base. We wanted to set goals and put procedures into place to achieve this. Our income and amount of business has increased by 50% every year since we have been seeing Annette as our coach.

Our biggest breakthroughs have been putting workable systems into place, having a personal assistant to do less important tasks and de-clutter so we could create space to achieve our goals. Thinking big with mindset as king was our key.

We have improved in the area of time management and setting enough time aside for me, my health and my family. Our business does not run our life anymore and we now have a balance between work and play.”

Shelley & Kim Tanner
Directors, Mortgage Vision

“I needed help with balancing my personal and professional life. It got to a point where my personal life and family was taking backstage priority over my professional life and I was suffering from business slavery. Knowing what to do is half the battle; however the biggest challenge is to actually put the plans in motion.

I am now conscious of my boundaries and am able to separate and balance my personal and professional life. Setting my boundaries has allowed me to plan my professional life around my personal life, and not the other way around. I am looking forward to having more time for me, and my family.”

Managing Director, Accountant Firm

“I wanted to introduce Life Coaching into my organisation and am currently in the middle of a Pilot Project. In order to get this project up and running I employed Annette to coach and train seven staff on the principles of Coaching. This has been a great opportunity for the organisation and Annette has worked so well with the staff to achieve this goal.

My coaching experience has been such a positive and enjoyable time. Annette is a great Coach who is so easy to work with and has an obvious joy and commitment to her Life Coaching role. She is not afraid to challenge, but does it in a manner that is not threatening or confronting. Annette was totally there for me during our sessions and there was never a time that I felt that she was dealing with her own ‘head noises’. There was never any pressure from Annette – I always felt that I was in control and she was there to walk beside me.  She has always been prompt with replies to e-mails and phone calls and incredibly supportive if I have had moments of doubt or a need for encouragement.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Annette to anyone who was seeking a good Life Coach.”

Sally Rowell
Manager, Positive Services
WA Aids Council

“I didn’t feel that I could admit to anyone my deepest fears before I met Annette, and having someone to talk to about how I was really feeling was an enormous weight off my shoulders. Having her there to encourage and support me week by week has made me see that I am moving forward in achieving my goals.

She has offered practical tools, support, tools for success, a sounding board, accountability and encouragement. She has shared with me her own story of success from beginnings as fearful as my own, and her honesty and giving-spirit have inspired my journey.”

CEO, Horticultural Industry


“Super Coach Annette!  I believe that what I learnt in my 12 months of coaching with Annette needs to be shared with everyone! Particularly if you are like I was and thinking I had it so ‘very altogether’. Yes, I had so much and I had achieved so much so why wasn’t I ‘honestly, deep down’ happy?  Answer!  I didn’t have balance.  Sound familiar?  I had tried to do this but couldn’t achieve this because old habits kept creeping back in and I knew these needed to be understood and changed.

That is what I have learned with Annette – not just that I ‘needed’ balance, but how to take those baby steps to make it happen, then maintaining it to be an absolute priority for myself. I steadfastly refuse to work hard any more. I now choose to work smarter. I give myself choice with no shoulds. I sorted out my personal life living now with much more satisfaction. I found ‘my true self’ and put myself in a good space open to a wonderful new relationship. I also moved into a stunning new dream apartment.

The power of visualization has made a huge impact on my life. This is how I have attracted all the wonderful changes in my whole life today. These days, life is so much more satisfying. Thanks Annette.  Keep smiling.  Your brightness touches all who come in your path and we are blessed.”

Hilary W.
National Marketing Director
Health Industry

“Team coaching has ensured that our people are aware of how change occurs and what is needed for change to occur. This has lead to a more cohesive and supportive work environment. We have achieved greater communication within the team and ultimately the organisation.

I really believe that since the introduction of group coaching that the team have assessed how they work in both their professional and personal lives. They are naturally exploring what they would like to improve, change or enhance and have begun to process and prioritizing so as to achieve these things.

Ongoing coaching is an innovative and progressive program that fits beautifully with our mission. The group coaching has also given the team a better insight into me, as their leader, which I believe has had a positive influence on our relationships.”

Sally Rowell
Manager, Positive Services
WA Aids Council


“Before attending Annette’s coaching program, I had a lot of fears, which were blocking me from moving forward. I desperately wanted to fall pregnant but my fear of not being able to manage work and a 2nd baby was very evident. My business revenue was low. I also had trust issues with my work colleagues and at home.

Then I was able to stand back and become more aware of my belief system, which led to a lot of my fears and anxiety. I started to feel much more confident in myself. I started to see my business revenue improving each and every month.

During the coaching I learnt how to create affirmations, which made a big difference because it really centered me on what I wanted to think and what I wanted to happen. The work we did on ideal client identification, creating my ideal business and my ideal week gave me a lot of clarity and direction. Listening to my inner self allowed me to feel and act in a self assured manner.

And best of all I have the best of both worlds – a beautiful family with a new baby on the way, and a successful business with my revenue growing strongly. The systems and support network is all in place for me to run my business and to look after my children.

The 3 most significant improvements are:  increased revenue, more work/life balance, improved communication in my relationship, better equipped to handle challenges at home and at work.

There is no doubt in my mind Annette came into my life at exactly the right time. I have been thrown in the deep end this year with some of the toughest personal challenges of my life. Not only has Annette helped me develop tools to cope with these challenges, but she has also helped me to tap into my deep inner self. Through this process, I have come to really believe in my ability to handle anything. I have discovered I am a very strong and capable woman. I have a strong intuition, which until now, I only partly listened to.

I think if I did not sign up with Annette there is every chance I would still be holding on to a lot of fear and mistrust in my relationships, self doubt and self sabotage, resentment and anger towards my husband, past experiences of limitations.”

Emma Cork
Financial Planner
Macquarie Private Wealth


“I only had 12 sessions with Annette, but even in such a short space of time, I feel I have had a weight lifted from me. I was not aware of the stress and emotional burden, which built up so gradually that it became a part of me. I can resolve issues that I would have prevaricate over and allowed to become out of hand.

When, at first I was told to look at getting a Life Coach. I fobbed the issue off for over 6 months and then only got involved when the continual questions drove me to it. I did not feel, I needed any stranger tell me how to put things in order. But the strangest thing happened Annette opened me up to who I wanted to be, I found the Andrew that had forgotten, who did not even come out during holidays. Annette showed me how to bring balance to the various aspects of my life, Work, Social, Private and not allow one aspect to taint the other. I found new energy, problems once stored were shared and resolved.

Annette would listen when I needed to talk and guide me quite subtly and allow me to come to the solution and take ownership. I may say to practice what I preached to others as a manager. I found Annette to be insightful and brought my emotional body language to my attention and allowed me to deal with this. These are areas where ‘friends may fear to tread’ likened to someone telling you have body odour or bad breath. It needs to be done to move on.

I see now the advantages of having an impartial person be part of your life path. I am sure to spend more quality time with Annette in the future as I move on to new challenges and to prevent bad habits returning.”

Andrew Robertson
Distribution Manager
Alphapharm Pty Ltd

“Coaching has been very inspiring helping me to stay on track in reaching my life and business goals. Annette has been coaching me for the last 9 months and it has been a wonderful journey so far, I have learnt a lot about myself in this time.

Coaching with Annette has had numerous positive changes in my life personally and professionally with the most profound changes being able to focus on being present, to calm down, take deep breaths and stay focused on the desired outcome – not the problem itself – I’ve developed a ‘skydivers view’ of situations. This enables me to look at the problem holistically and make decisions based on taking all factors into consideration and not just focusing on the problem at hand.
I’ve learnt how to prioritise and plan my day effectively, to delegate and how to let go of things. I also have learnt not to be too hard on myself and I now make time for myself. The mind is very powerful – if you spend time visualising, feeling and believing in your goals you will achieve them.”

Elisia M.
HR Manager

“In seeing out the global financial crisis, I felt helpless in regards to continuing to service my clients and adding value to their lives. In addition, my revenue had suffered and I lost confidence in continuing to bring value to investment portfolios. In short, I was worn out physically, mentally and emotionally.

This was when I sought Annette’s help. In the time she coached me, my focus changed from time consuming, emotion draining negative thoughts which hampered my ability to remain positive for my clients to valued adding and exciting thoughts and behaviours which energised me every day.

These positive mindsets were firstly fuelled by exercise, a good diet and more sleep, the basics in life which were lost gradually as the global financial crisis wore me down.

In maintaining my health (physically and mentally) I was able to clearly focus on my business and opportunities become clearer to me. I am now able to identify positive and negative influences/thoughts and behaviours not just in myself but in others and can choose to work through these to achieve positive outcomes.

My revenue increased by 25% per month and my business is sustaining this revenue level.

Annette provided me with work organisation skills, positive thought patterns which will remain with my always. These continue to allow me to find the balance in my work and family life to keep me motivated and happy.

As with most humans, I expect that I will fall in and out of bad habits and look forward to incorporating Annette in my life to ensuring that I continue to get that balance right.”

Sharon Cork
Financial Planner
Macquarie Private Wealth

“It all began when Annette stood up at a meeting and said “Have you ever felt like the wheels were spinning and wondered how you could get more focus in your life?”

I knew that feeling although it often felt like the wheels were stuck in a bog!  So off to Annette and wow – life has changed.

Annette has helped me in lots of little ways to effect big changes.  Change in terms of attitude, effort and focus.  Change in self-confidence and business focus.  She has helped me learn about living in the present, about real listening and integrity with myself.  Business leads have increased since this time and the pleasure of working in the business is beyond measure.

How does she do this?  By being a coach.  Annette listens, sets small tasks and provides non-judgemental advice and feedback.  She is honest, trustworthy and has a really great sense of humour.

I highly recommend life coaching and Annette for anyone wanting to help themselves achieve your goals.”

Amanda R.
Financial Planner

“When I met Annette I was ‘floundering’ – too many options and not knowing what was most important. Annette has made it crystal clear by simplifying the situation and looking at values and what was going to make me happy. We explored many different avenues and when the results came, I was relieved, excited and connected to my heart.”

Managing Director
Leisure Centre

“A big thank you for your coaching this last 6 months.

In this time I have achieved systems in my business and consistent marketing techniques where as a result my new business has escalated! Especially in the quiet times when business is slow I have learned that this is a must and as a result last month we had one of our top months for the year almost doubling our incoming work for the month!

Also from my personal coaching now I do things that make me feel good and look good rather than just because I think I should which reflects on your day-to-day life. I have also learnt to make and appreciate time with my husband no matter what which has made our marriage better each day.

Thanks again Annette and I look forward to future coaching with you!!”

Sharon Davids
Director, S & D Settlements

“Coaching with Annette has helped me to move forward as I had become stuck in a rut (feeling like ground hog day) and lost my enthusiasm. I had forgotten to enjoy the simple aspects of life. I was searching for my needs to be meet by other people and wondering why my business and family relationships were not working out.  I was also putting up with stuff and negative behavior.

I was so energised when I first create my 10 daily/weekly habits and I have been able to enjoy and stick to these fairly consistently over the last 3 months since coaching began.

Annette taught me about boundaries and once I set up these with my own family I was able to look after myself with my good weekly habits and I have become a happier more contented person.

Wth our family business opportunities were presented to be able to take on new staff and my partner has become more open to new ideas. We still have a lot of plans and goals for improving our business and I know these will happen in the right time.

Since Coaching I have become more confident in making important decisions and feel safer and secure in our business and my personal life.

Each time I read Annette’s book or we meet I learn something new about myself. Annette is so easy to talk to and I can be really honest and upfront with my feelings and ideas.

Thank you Annette I have been so blessed and fortunate to have met you. You are a beautiful person and I hope to keep learning from you in the future.”

Julie Marshall
Partner, Bardfield Engineering


“I realized that I had built a business from scratch without the structured foundations and frameworks to continue to grow and expand. Since my coaching with Annette, I have taken on a PA, increased turnover 140% and really put myself first taking time for my health and wellbeing. This all happened within 3 months of coaching. I have achieved many things in such a short period of time, which I have been putting off for a long time.

I have realized both personally and professionally that every aspect of your life requires planning, goal setting and continual reassessment. One of the realisations I had was to slow down, observe what was actually going on in my personal and professional life and be present in all that I do. This is really helping achieve my goals.

My major challenge was ‘time’ and feeling like I did not have enough time to do everything I wanted to do. I learnt that the more I kept telling myself ‘I do not have enough time’ then that is exactly what I was creating in my results. I now keep telling myself ‘I have all the time in the world’. Hard to believe, at times, as I change my old habitual way of thinking.”

Michelle Gouge
Director, Supreme Mortgage Solutions Pty Ltd

“When I started coaching with Annette I was feeling stressed and not managing time effectively and feeling unbalanced between work and play. My goal was to become more organised with my time at work and at home and to find some balance and make an effort to take time out for myself.

In the past 3 months of coaching I found that it gave me time each week to reflect on my life and what I was doing and therefore able to implement small changes each week. After 3 months I found. I had joined an art class was making time for myself, and my family. I had listed 10 properties and was able to manage my time more effectively.

A big achievement for me was 2 holidays in only 3 months being able to relax for the first time without feeling guilty whilst I was away. To my surprise my business still grew and functioned whilst I was relaxing on holidays.”

Consultant, Real Estate Industry

“Listening to my heart, not my head – making choices in relation to my needs and my vision. Having better organizational skills, I have more balance in my life and a greater sense of purpose.

Coaching with Annette has enabled me to tap into the essence of who I am, what’s most important to me and how I want to live my life and business success. She has given me the support, encouragement and awareness to change my life and follow my dreams.”

CEO, Health Industry


“Annette’s support through her coaching structure has been like nothing I have had before in this field. Personally, I have become clearer on what I want to show up in my life and have set boundaries around that. I am calmer and have been given tools/skills to work through any issues that present themselves.

Professionally – setting boundaries, having clarity on what is of value to me has enabled me to stop ‘putting up’ with what has been dragging me down. My vision is clearer and I am attracting the people into my life that also share my dream and passion.

I am now placing systems that work into my business and knowing that they don’t have to be perfect, they just need to have progressed on what I didn’t have.  Eliminating the ‘all or nothing’ attitude. Progress not perfection.”

Susan Mansfield
Wellness Coach / Personal Trainer


“I was inspired to ask Annette to coach me in the areas of my growth personally and professionally. I am much more organised and efficient. I have set boundaries in the areas I felt most challenged by. I take time out to nurture myself and I know how to handle my thoughts and feelings to support me.

Emotions are simply feelings that should be acknowledged and shouldn’t always drive you.

The biggest impact I have had in my coaching journey is that one of the best ways to connect with yourself is to look in the mirror and tell yourself “I love you”. Wow! what a challenge this initially was.

I realised the importance of giving myself a break and not to expect such high standards and expectations of performance all the time. By obtaining the assistance of a third person such as a coach you will objectively work through your problems and challenges.”

Louisa Wood
Director, Get Positive Productions


“I’ve had coaching with Annette for approximately 5 months. I started because the idea of group coaching with like-minded business women would provide an arena of support and sharing of experiences. My business was in start-up and design phase and plenty of guidance was required (and subsequently received!)

I’ve learnt to broaden my horizons and mindset more. Thoughts become our things – and by broadening my thoughts, my world has become larger. I’ve learnt (with lots of patience from Annette) the beauty of the concept of “being vs doing” I’m grasping the concept of implementing and integrating my personal self and spirituality into my business life.

Some of my tangible achievements so far has been: the official launch of my website, I completed my qualifications in personal training and life coaching, did a combined presentation for the Cockburn City Council in Busselton, design and distribution of marketing material, running workshops in Roleystone, partnership with Nordic Walking group.

My biggest breakthrough was taking ownership of my business and learning to remain in my personal truth. Annette has also constantly reminded me to acknowledge myself along the way – and absorb the acknowledgement. This helps me move forward continually.

I’ve learnt to create balance and insist on time out (personal space) now.  Annette is a strong advocate for this!  And I found it works. Once I started implementing this – I found that if I didn’t for some reason in a week – I felt the loss of the personal time.

Letting go of attachment to outcome; just because I’ve designed something in a certain way doesn’t always mean it happens exactly as such.  But I can put the necessary steps into play to achieve what it is that I desire and then learn to surrender and be part of the process of creating the bigger picture and living the vision daily.

My tip is to keep at the coaching. It’s valuable and priceless. I’d advise the coaches to come prepared to each session and be open to learning. It’s a safe space that encourages you to look at things (both you and your life) differently. And then, moreover – to implement the necessary action plans to take you forward.”

Heidi Cornelissen
Director, Wholeness Coach – Completely Human


“Firstly, allow me to express my sincere thanks and appreciation and to let you know how honored I feel to be able to deal with such a highly organized, professional and compassionate life coach as you are, Annette!

Since our first session, I have progressed and grown into a more confident business woman in my real estate venture, a supportive, more understanding and loving wife to my husband, a nurturing, encouraging mother for my children and also a fun-loving companion to my dear friends.

Before I met Annette I regarded all of these interactions as “hard tasks to combine” and I had difficulty to balance my family and social life with work commitments. Being at home and looking after household, kids and a small business previously, I did not have much confidence to “go out” and close business deals on my own.

Now, I organize property sales by private treaty or public auction, conducting numerous phone conversations, attending sales and client meetings and generally learning the art of communication with people on a daily basis. I have gained so much more confidence and I am receiving positive comments from clients and other fellow associates.

Although, this part of my life is still relatively new to me, however over all, this type of exposure helps me to become a better person and grow as a human being…. as I am always thriving to explore”the next level” – possibly upwards!

My ambition is primarily to win people’s trust. I want them to enjoy dealing with me and appreciate the level of service I offer to them. On a personal level, I would like to give my kids an excellent start in life, quality education and strong family values. Annette, with your coaching sessions you helped me to overcome the fear of not being able to combine all these tasks. You enabled me to get an insight of how to start a fulfilling, satisfying lifestyle and being happy, no matter what.

Yes, it is just the start for me – as you say – it’s never too late in life to learn, make changes and shift in ones’ attitude! Again, I would say, a simple Thank you cannot describe the VALUE I have received so far from your coaching sessions.”

Amaryll Werjutina
Real Estate Consultant  ERemax Realmark


“I decided to seek coaching because I think it’s important to continually challenge myself and look at new and innovative ways of doing things to achieve your goals.  Since Annette has been coaching me, it’s wonderful to have someone inspire and guide me while giving me the confidence to say ‘I can do it’. I love looking outside the square and doing things differently.

I’m a person that likes to keep busy all the time but have learnt the take a deep breath and calm right down when things get a bit hectic.  I have always known that there is no point in letting stress get to me and now I actually live it.

I am now doing things that I have said for years I have always wanted to put into action, yet never got around to it. I have finally placed a fulltime person to assist me with the growth of my business and I have also taken big steps to extend my business and this is a really exciting time at the moment.

One of the most impacting practices was learning about …”Progress – not Perfection”. Everything is perfect just the way it is! To stop trying to control everything which I now know has stifled my personal and business growth from breaking through.

There haven’t been any big challenges to deal with but when I come across a stumbling block then I just stay calm and move through the situation without getting myself all worked up!  Moving forward with anything is a challenge but it really feels good once I take that next step.”

Darlene Gianoli
Director, D Management


“I am a Certified Lifestyle and Financial Planner and now run a Lifestyle Planning practice in Applecross. Recently my husband and I decided to take up some working opportunities in Canada, which meant managing my business in Perth, from Vancouver. We are amazed at the life we currently have and the one we are about to move into. Our coaching experience has played a large role in this.

I was originally interested in coaching as a possible business alignment to my business. I thought that working with a coach, my clients could gain greater clarity about what they wanted to work towards. So I went out to find some coaches and found the experience to be very interesting. There are varying styles to coaching and for me, a well grounded and realistic approach was required.

I met Annette and what started as a business meeting, turned into a personal meeting. I realized that a “Life Coach” was really something that I wanted for my own life. Everyone around me suggests that it appears that I know exactly what I want and I go out and get it. What they couldn’t see was the fear and doubt and inner stress that I had around all of these goals. I didn’t know how to enjoy the journey along the way!

When I first met Annette, I was a sole trader, working on my own and finding the journey very hard and lonely. I think my original goals included upgrading my car and writing a book. Over a period of 9 months, I have clearly identified what I truly want, I have eliminated the “shoulds” out of my life, I have found a fantastic team of 3 advisors and we have moved into a new corporate office. Client referrals are coming in every week, the business is growing rapidly and we leave for Vancouver in 15 days!

The biggest change for me is that I feel so well supported. I shared my dream…..

  1. That I can “have it all” – my lifestyle of 6 months in Perth, 6 months in Vancouver. I don’t have to give one up and sacrifice what I really want.
  2. Sometimes to “have it all” you have to share what you have. I had to share my business vision and intellectual property. I now have a smaller share of something that can be much bigger than I ever imagined.
    The most impact was being able to have discussions that encouraged me to say what I really wanted. Not everyone can see your big picture and this can be discouraging. My coach could see it and supported me in it.”

Pippa Elliott
Director, Momentum Planning

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    “I have really honed in on my ability to identify and balance priorities. Having Annette as my coach has also met my initial goal of ‘fast tracking’ improvements. I am focused on my priorities and I now rarely worry about distractions that in the past would have bothered me.  I have also found that many opportunities have simply appeared one after the other in quick succession, and I believe that the guidance I have received from Annette has been a significant factor in me in taking advantage of these opportunities.

    Rosemary W.
    Partner Lawyer

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    “Annette is an amazing coach both on a personal and business level. She has helped me to get to know myself over the years and given me an insight into how others view me. This has been absolutely vital in enabling me to move to a higher level in my professional life. No longer do I drown myself in doubt and misgivings, Annette has taught me to identify and communicate my feelings as a clear, genuine and honest expression of myself.

    If you want to take yourself and your business to the next level, I would strongly recommend that you engage Annette to work with you to achieve your goals.”

    Angela McGuinness
    Director, The BAS Agency

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My mission is to activate revolutionary leadership across the globe where leaders are living their highest vision and purposeful mission every day.”

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