Key messages: Leadership, Vision, Mission, Goal-Setting, Values, Commitment, Clarity, Confidence, Relationships, Mindset and Communication.

In the fast pace of life today, busy people are chasing a vision or goals hoping that when they achieve it, they will then be happy, successful, feel good enough, be acknowledged, have a sense of belonging and more; yet no matter how much they achieve, those feelings are short-lived.

As a champion sportswoman who has been consciously utilizing vision success techniques for over 30 years, Annette found herself feeling very frustrated and at a loss, wondering why she still did not feel good enough, accomplished, happy, confident, and more; no matter how much she had achieved or received.

She was forced to re-evaluate her whole life when being diagnosed with chronic fatigue, which affected her business, whilst going through divorce at the same time.

Annette’s new commitment was to design a life and business she loved based on her heart’s vision and values. Over the past 15 years, Annette has turned her life around from striving for high-achieving success that was short-lived to thriving with authentic connection, purposeful success and fulfilling relationships.

A perfect keynote for those wanting to bridge the gap from striving, unfulfilled success to thriving with authentic success, connected relationships and greater purpose in your personal and professional life.

Annette has a national sporting background and is a World Masters Champion, a highly accomplished business leader, master coach and the author of world-renowned book, The Power of Vision. Today Annette helps turn cultures, companies and communities around as she shares The 7 Secrets to Personal, Business & Financial Freedom for real success.

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Annette Stanton

“I see a world where leaders are being called to step up and out - to lead from their authentic self with greater connection.

My mission is to activate revolutionary leadership across the globe where leaders are living their highest vision and purposeful mission every day.”

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