I was always taught to push and drive myself to achieve success. The only way to win was to play hard, train hard, work hard, be hard on myself in order to become the best, and even then, I would always tell myself to push harder.

The truth is, I never felt anything I achieved was good enough. I always had very high expectations on myself to excel and move beyond.

Can you relate to this yourself? If so, how’s it working for you now?

Most leaders today are exhausted and frustrated because they are hitting the glass ceiling while striving for higher levels of performance to achieve greater success. This can cause a drop in motivation, questioning your abilities due to unproductive results, or setting unrealistic goals set in unrealistic timeframes – no matter how much harder you push.

We are all taught to focus on the improvement of performance through working and training harder, whether it be in sport or business, in order to take yourself and your team to the next level of success.

Champion performance is about extending and challenging your capabilities, consistently knowing what your body is ready to take on, otherwise injury can occur. If you do not have solid foundations to stand on, you will continue to hit the wall trying to get ahead without the right structures in place.

Too often leaders come to me for coaching after they have been pushing so hard, trying to get ahead, which has affected their health, their relationships, their professional and personal success. This is because they have not been looking after their whole body. Their mind is overloaded with all the responsibilities they face in this ever-evolving world. They find it challenging to be fully present. They keep pushing themselves physically, mentally and emotionally with nothing left for themselves and their loved ones.

For peak performance in sport, if you’re not looking after yourself, getting plenty of sleep, eating well and taking time-out relaxing your mind and body, you get burnt out which will affect you in not playing your best game. If you have a rocky relationship, then you may show up physically, but your head and heart will not be in the game.

To excel in your professional and personal life, it is important to bring
the whole person to the game. The equation is out of balance
if you succeed in business and one day you wake up feeling
miserable, wondering where the years went.

One of the biggest tips I learnt was ‘seasonal training’ for peak performance and timing. This meant, depending on my season’s goals and knowing the date that I needed to be peak performance ready, determined the way I laid out my weekly, monthly and yearly action plan.

I had to know when to do what type of training such as long endurance runs, or wind sprints. I needed plenty of time for recovery in-between training sessions so I had to plan out my low, medium and high intensity training sessions. I had to know what weight training was required and when to pull it back. It was important to know what foods to eat and when to eat them for my body to perform and my mind to be sharp. I had to know when I needed rest days to gain higher productivity levels. I made time for loved ones, family and friends, to stay connected as a whole person.

It is important as a champion leader you know, and own, your unique strengths, talents, gifts, knowledge and experiences. The magic of peak performance occurs when you consistently take action on what you do well, and you continue to challenge yourself to go beyond your natural levels of performance trying something different.

Every step you take is your performance. It is to be evaluated in order to witness what’s working and what’s not working for you; where you can improve; and how to make the necessary changes for next level performance.

Always remember, only you know what your strengths are and you need to own them as your unique performance. No one can do what you do the way you do it. Believe in yourself with all your senses as you continue to take the next steps in stretching yourself as a champion performer in all areas of your life.

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Annette Stanton

Annette Stanton

With a national sporting background as a World Masters Champion, Annette Stanton uses her winning sporting strategies, techniques and formulas she gained from being a champion athlete to coach people today in a personal and business capacity. Annette has more than 32 years of experience as a powerful coach. She undertakes executive, business, personal coaching, team coaching and motivational speaker engagements. She is an international speaker specialising in transformational leadership.