“Inside of every challenge is the creation of new pathways.”

The words Creation and Reaction share the same letters. The only difference is the positioning of the letter C. When you C your way to Creation, then you can choose your Reaction in a way that supports you in creating the life you really want to live in this moment.

The next time you notice yourself reacting to a challenge in life, take charge by remembering to bring a new Creation into your Reaction. In other words, choose thoughts and actions that support you. Through supportive thoughts and actions, practice being the person you know you want to be.

A great way of looking at reactions to anything in your life is to identify them as an opportunity for you to become consciously aware. Become aware of what new insights and realisations you are now learning from this situation. You will then be consciously aware of your reaction, knowing that this new awareness is powerfully guiding you to listen into your true self.

Your reactions are always an opportunity to learn something about yourself that you did not know until you faced this new challenge. Challenges in life help you to connect with your true self and what new pathways you are ready to take.

A reminder to affirm
“Inside of every challenge is the creation of new pathways.”

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