Allow yourself to feel the space
Notice when you want to fill the space
Whether you are afraid of the space
Thinking you are wasting your time in life

Feeling the space takes courage
To trust and listen to your inner knowing
That little whispering voice gently guiding you
It will get louder and more evident if you listen in to the space

Clarity of mind and body will open up
Feeling a sense of spaciousness in between
Each action you are inspired to take
Will allow the feelings of flow and ease

Surrender into your infinite wisdom
Take your next inspired action without question
This very step is guiding you to greater clarity
There is no need to rush – no need to hurry

Life will open in infinite ways
With opportunities coming your way
Instead of you trying to make it happen
Allow the universal intelligence to move through you

Stay awake to what doors or windows open
Without judgment of where this will get you
If your body and mind are in alignment
Just know that this is your right next step

Your body’s intelligence holds the key
Stay connected to your creative wisdom
The floodgates will open the stream of your flow
Stay open and trust your spacious intelligence

Annette Stanton

Join me for the greatest leadership journey of your life.



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