“Every little step you take is a contribution towards realising your vision.”

Always think in terms of…

‘Progress – not Perfection – with Patience’.

There is no such thing as perfection because you continually evolve each day, finding better ways of doing things. That is why it is called progress. Keep reminding yourself that you are progressing with every little step you take. Create a new supportive relationship with the over-achiever within, who is always trying to find perfection.

Are you a bit of a perfectionist? I can certainly relate to this personality type. Then this is how I broke through from driving myself crazy with the habit of trying to get everything right and still thinking it was not good enough.

When you have a clear vision and you take the inspired steps that feel right to you in each moment, then just know that every little step you take is a contribution towards realising your vision.

Every time you hear yourself say “I haven’t got it right yet” or “it’s still not perfect” replace it with “this step is complete within the progression of my evolving bigger picture”.

A reminder to affirm
“Every little step I take is a contribution towards realising my vision.”

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