Sean Keady

Financial Advisor, Macquarie Private Wealth

I gained the ability to look at my existing clients and grew my business with consistent revenue profit of 40% PA.

Sean Keady

Financial Advisor

“Before attending Annette’s Executive Coaching Program, I worked hard for my clients, providing them with everything they asked for. I felt overworked and not receiving the rewards I deserved for my efforts.”

I worked hard to build a solid client base and took on any client who came through the door, no matter how big or small.

I felt stressed that I was not doing enough to provide for my wife and 3 very young daughters, all under 3. I spent little time doing things I enjoyed and taking a break.

Annette’s coach approach has helped me to develop a more confident strategy for taking on new clients and on how to identify quickly if a client and I are going to work well together.

Rather than take them on if we are not suited, I can now redirect them elsewhere to obtain advice.

I have realized that I don’t have to have everything for my family right now and that I need to slow down and enjoy my wife, daughters, and home now as I will not be able to do this in hindsight later.

I have also realized that my clients want and need regular communication, and with this comes increased confidence from the clients in me and, most importantly, increased trust.

The Top 10 most significant changes I have achieved since working with Annette are:

  1. I quit smoking, improving my health.
  2. I realized that I do not need to take on every client who comes in front of me.
  3. I gained the ability to remove myself from stressful situations which are out of my control.
  4. I gained the ability to look at my existing clients and grow my business from there.
  5. The confidence to ask clients for referrals.
  6. More consistent revenue which is now growing at around 40% PA.
  7. More time with my wife and kids. Happier family life.
  8. The realization that my family are happy with what they have, and it is me that wants more, not them.
  9. Moved house to a great suburb.
  10. More time doing things for me that I enjoy.

Annette helped me to realise that I control my journey – not the external factors around me – and how to control those negative factors in my life.

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