As I sit watching the clouds roll in with the pale blue sky peering through
the fluffy white clouds and the gentle flow of shades of grey

I notice the ocean waters reflecting the clouds illuminating colors of grey, green, and
blue as the waves wash up onto the rocks with a vibrational force

What was a slight breeze now slowly picking up, blowing the hair from my face?

The breeze on my face feels very freeing as I reflect on the changes throughout
the world today

A feeling of inner peace washing through my body as I wonder in what way these trying times will create greater peace across the globe

I feel the vibration of the wind blowing across the lands with the hope that this
vibration will heal the world

Bringing hope, inspiration, courage, creativity, and compassion to all human
beings now and always

With the hope that every human turned into their purpose and their higher vision
expressing their inner gifts

To express these with courage and full self-expression, knowing that this is the
reason why you were born

This is your global vision knowing that only you can express your innate
gifts and talents through your unique channel

The world is awakening to this conscious human connection

I truly hope we all gain wisdom, love, peace, and compassion during
this global vision change

Annette Stanton

Join me for the greatest leadership journey of your life.



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