I hear the whispering voice within
Knocking on the door of my heart and soul
Even if I do not know ‘the how to’ fully
I continue to feel the essence of my soul calling

The more I do not listen to these whispers
I feel a sense of being disconnected
With deep sadness that I am not trusting this voice within
The more I ignore these whispers, the more I feel something is missing

I try to distract myself by being out there in the world
Yet I know deep within that I am not being my authentic self
I feel a part of my true self dying within
As I push my soul calling to the background

Hearing the other voices telling me
I’ll get to this one day
I’ll make more money, and then I’ll do this
I’ll learn more first, and then I will be ready

The loud voices within wondering what others will think
Especially if I leave this secure path
The truth is that I do not trust my evolving pathway
Not giving myself full permission to step into my whole self

Waiting for the right time
Waiting for the right opportunity
Waiting for the universe to align
Waiting for my confidence to shine

The truth be known, I hear the whispers of deep knowing
Telling me just to take the next step
You do not need to have everything lined up
Just move towards your soul vision

Your confidence will become evident from within
As you trust, your next obvious step
No need to jump from your secure place
Only you know what pace is right for you right now

You will never see all the steps lined up
You will always know your next obvious step
The action that genuinely inspires you to start
It will always create momentum as you focus on this one step

The next inspirational step will come towards you
No need to work it all out
Just allow yourself to sit inside your knowing
The vision within will guide you one small step at a time

Take your next inspired step with entire presence
That is the whole pathway to living your soul calling
The world needs what you have to offer
Value your life journey as inspirational learning lessons

Inspiration comes to and through you
Share your inner voice and inner vision with the world
Knowing that you are transforming lives
Making a difference – One soul at a time

Annette Stanton

Join me for the greatest leadership journey of your life.



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