How often have you heard yourself saying, “I should have trusted my initial gut feelings”? Is your logical mind rationalising and overriding your decisions by not trusting your intuitive self?

This can leave you feeling disconnected, uncertain, frustrated in your career. Even confused about connecting with your true self, and how to unleash your full potential.

As higher achievers, your logical mind stretches your thinking processes beyond the status quo. Suppose you are not challenging your thoughts to think outside the square, allowing your analytical mind to rationalize your decision-making process. In that case, you will not connect with the power of your intuitive knowing and gut feelings.

Your intuition, gut feelings, and instincts are vital components connecting you with the universal intelligence of your unique creative potential. It is paramount to tune into your inner voice and vision to completely align with your true self inside every action you take.

“In today’s fast-evolving world, leaders are being challenged to reconnect with their true selves and re-evaluate their highest priorities in life and business.”

Behind closed doors, leaders from all walks of life disclose that they feel like they are selling their soul in their business and personal life. They now want to live with greater meaning and purpose in their whole life.

Executive professionals are exhausted trying to keep up with all the competition in their industry, especially with all the changes in the world today. They feel overwhelmed to reach greater heights to fulfill their potential and wonder if they will ever feel successful enough! They also notice how they compare themselves with others and what they have achieved in their lives and careers.

Over time, this activates a yearning for complete alignment, satisfaction, and peace of mind as their true self. Hopefully, you will consciously connect with this before your health, relationships, financial, and career priorities are affected.

If this sounds like you, you may have disconnected from your true self and switched off from the intuitive power of your higher purpose and creative potential.

“Connect with the vision and voice on the inside rather than all the voices, opinions and distractions on the outside. That is when you will live with the calling of your inspirational vision and fully express the infinite power of your higher purpose.”

Developing Trust to Connect with your Intuitive Power

During life-changing transitions, you may find yourself questioning the true connection of your own intuition. This can leave you feeling uncertain about your purpose and direction, not knowing the right next steps to take in your career and personal life.

I remember feeling precisely this same way. As I began to take stock and re-evaluated my beliefs, habits, and structures, I realised how much I had lost trust in my intuitive knowing.

With feelings of disheartenment, I became aware that the more I did not trust my intuition, the greater my sense of anxiety, overwhelm, and disconnection from my true self. The saddest part for me was witnessing the deep calling of my inspirational vision gradually fading into a distant dream.

Can you relate to this?

Have you ever had a strong sense that you want to make a change or move in a new direction, yet unclear on what that looks like?

How often do you catch yourself feeling very impatient and hard on yourself during these times?

I have to admit; that I am very hard on myself. How about you?

When I consciously practiced taking the pressure off myself, I witnessed a gradual unfolding of a more profound connection from within. With a calling, a higher purpose, a glimmer of an inspirational vision tapping on the window of my heart and soul that I could no longer push aside.

I felt the natural pull from my solar plexus and a strong sense inside my body to trust. To courageously step into my next inspired step moving forward into the unknown while being committed to my intuitive knowing.

Stepping into the unknown does take courage, and you may notice fear and doubt appear, even in the most confident and successful leaders.

“Only you know if you have a calling (or a sense of something unknown) pulling you towards an inspirational vision. Are you moving towards it or further away?”

Step Forward Listening to your Inner Voice

Stepping forward, listening to your inner voice and intuitive guidance takes courage. When I started listening inwards, I could feel a powerful transformation from the inside out. A distinctive inner knowing that it was time to step into my higher purpose, sharing my life’s work and legacy with the world.

Have you ever felt the gap from where you stood at that moment to realising your inspirational vision was massive?

“When your vision is big enough, the strategy to reach it will appear.”

Regain trust in your intuitive knowing by fully stepping into the spaciousness. Instead of quickly filling the space with old habits, beliefs, and routines, allow yourself to feel the space.

Your inner vision will become more apparent as you connect deeply with your inner voice. The clarity of your higher purpose will unfold gradually as you continue to step forward, trusting your inspired guidance.

By consistently taking the small steps and trusting my inner guidance, the clarity of my deep awareness was more vital than ever before. I knew it was now or never to step into my calling as a woman with purpose, power, and presence.

Are you more than ready to step into your heart and soul calling?

Your time is now, just like mine!

As you courageously step into the unknown, there is a guiding light activating clarity of vision and purpose, powerful beyond measure.

I feel very humbled and honoured to share my life’s work and the experiential lessons that have transformed my personal, business, and leadership success with purpose and fulfilment.

Create New Success Rituals to Awaken your Higher Purpose

As a highly intuitive visionary leader and executive coach passionate about mentoring high-performing leaders, I talk a lot about actualizing your higher purpose in complete alignment with your intuitive power.

Today, more than ever before, all leaders are being called to step into the calling of their creative potential and higher purpose. To elevate their higher self, transform from traditional leaders to be more physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually connected.

To support you to awaken your higher purpose in alignment with your intuitive power, I now share with you five powerful success rituals and spiritual practices that will help you step into the essence of your true self.

1 . Develop Conscious Awareness

Stay committed to letting go of results, challenge old beliefs, and become fully present in life, listening to your next inspired step. You do not need to know the whole picture; take the next step that comes to and through you. As you trust your intuition by taking that step, you will always tune into your inner guided next step.

  • Create a higher level of conscious awareness throughout your week to notice when you focus on your end game instead of being fully present inside your next inspired step.

2. Become the ‘Observer of Life’

Instead of being the controller or reactor, become the ‘observer of life’ by feeling the space without wanting to fill the space up quickly. Capturing the signs, symbols, opportunities, and synchronicities of life, as they are always guiding you.

  • Pay close attention to the synchronicities of life with even the slightest of windows waiting for you to open and fully step in. Let Life In.

3. Align with Mind, Body, Heart, and Soul

Create a daily spiritual practice to stay aligned with mind, body, heart, and soul, and connect with the clarity of your authentic inner voice and inspired vision streaming through you. You will shift beyond goals, living and leading as your higher self.

  • Tune into your inner voice guiding you to the creation of your daily spiritual practice as a high priority. Commit to doing those things that genuinely connect you with your true self.

4. Extreme Self-Care and Wellbeing

Become aware of what truly brings you joy and embody the fullness of those feelings throughout your day. Give yourself full permission to make time for wellbeing and self-care.

  • Remember to always put your oxygen mask on first before stepping out in the world to be of service to others. Say ‘YES’ to yourself first each day with self-care and your wellbeing a high priority.

5. Develop Heart and Soul Relationships

Create plenty of space in your mind and body for yourself and others to naturally show up as your/their true self. When you listen with all your senses in a state of curiosity, and wonder, you will captivate the heart and soul of all your relationships. Your creative potential will naturally shine.

  • Catch yourself quicker if you notice you are ready to jump into the space when communicating with others. Consciously create plenty of space for you and the other person to breathe and witness the magic as you both step into your true self.

Every transition, challenge, or change in your life, career, and business is the natural evolution and unfolding of your higher purpose and creative potential.

Shift the lens of your focus by looking inwards and asking yourself empowering questions that will support the growth and momentum required for you to step into your infinite power as a highly intuitive leader of life.

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Awaken your Higher Purpose in Alignment with your Infinite Power. Transform into a highly Intuitive Visionary Leader of Life!

My experience as Australia’s leading intuitive visionary coach and executive mentor for professionals, business leaders, and entrepreneurs helps you accelerate your growth, connecting you with your higher purpose and infinite potential as an inspirational leader of your whole life.

I am passionate about partnering with you to master your destiny by creating a life, career, and business you love to live in complete alignment with your values, vision, goals, and purpose. My highest purpose and inspirational vision are for you to live with purpose and realise your inspirational vision as a highly intuitive leader of life.

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