It is not easy when facing life and career transitions out of your control. The world around us has certainly changed over the past couple of years, and it is essential to evolve with the unexpected changes.

As you step into the unknown, you may find yourself dealing with different levels of fear, doubt, and vulnerability.

Every day, I speak with highly successful leaders who open their hearts and souls to discuss these challenges. They tell me how much they are trying to keep it all together on the outside. When the truth is, they feel like they are drowning on the inside.

Is your head nodding because you are feeling the same way right now?

No, you are not alone!

Yes, high-performing leaders, just like you, deal with feelings of uncertainty in their personal and career paths during the evolving times we live in today.

It is not an easy process when facing heartfelt, life-changing circumstances which can affect your personal and business relationships. You will notice how this can impact your natural leadership and communication style, draining the productivity of your resources. Your health and vitality can decrease with your clarity and focus diminishing.

If you are currently facing transitions, you may be feeling the challenge of sitting in the middle of the ‘muddle’. One moment feeling like you have it all handled, and the next, wondering what happened!

Who am I now? You may be asking.

What are my next steps?

What happened to the clarity of direction I had in the past?

I have often felt like I have hit a brick wall with clarity turning into a haze of uncertainty. On many occasions, when facing transitions in life, I find myself asking these very questions.

“The most challenging and rewarding path is our evolving transitions in life.”

Some of the many evolving paths I have personally witnessed are the transition of being married and then going through a divorce, being employed in large organizations to setting my entrepreneurial spirit free and starting my businesses. I have faced the volatility of a business downturn, with career and financial uncertainty which affected my health and wellbeing.

During these times, I got to know another side of myself with profound growth that enhanced insight and new realisations into my true self. Who would have known that inside of every transition developed deeper awakenings and transformational life changes? I could never have planned it, no matter how much I have attempted to in the past.

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I want to share with you 5 evolving pathways that were going on behind the scenes that helped me trust the process of courageously stepping into the unknown.

1. The Power of Uncertainty and Vulnerability

During these transitional times, my clarity of direction in life always went through a dark tunnel of uncertainty and vulnerability. The truth is, I never made it easy on myself because I would always resist the change. This would cause greater stress, anxiety, and overwhelm in my mind and body, which never made it a quicker journey towards reaching a new normal.

I always found light at the end of this dark tunnel when allowing myself to be patient inside of the feelings of uncertainty. As I would continue to focus on what I was sure about inside my life right here and now, this would help me to stay present to what was already working in my business and personal life.

I knew my habitual personality was creating strategies and working it all out. I was committed to doing things differently without pushing, striving, and driving. To allow new insight and awareness to come to me at the right time.

Trust that there is a powerful learning lesson inside this transition, and if you push it, you will only make it harder to learn the lesson. Remind yourself that there is light inside this dark tunnel and not push for results.

I always found myself peacefully coming out the other end with greater awareness and insight into the next phase of my business and personal path and you will too. You will gain a deeper knowing of what is right for you at this stage of your life.

2. Letting Go of Your Past Story

We know that change and transition are a part of life, so why do we sometimes hang on to the same old story keeping us from living a successful and fulfilling life?

If you are hanging on to a story of what success is meant to look like, like I did. It will take a long time to see the learning lessons and ways to create a new life with this new awareness, knowledge, and insightful wisdom.

Going through the middle of a life-changing transition can cause many fearful feelings of self-doubt, overwhelm, and disappointment. Contrasting challenges in life will always help you gain new insight into yourself and your life direction. Become consciously aware that you are not stuck in your thinking and automatic action processes, limiting your full potential. Observe new opportunities naturally unfolding your inspirational vision.

3. Create Purposeful Success from Inside-Out

The natural evolution of transition is essential for the exponential growth of your purpose. You may be on the wrong track, and something will interrupt your habitual path for you to connect with your authentic self. To create the space and time needed, allow yourself to develop new ways of creating a life and business you love to live.

For many years, I followed a path of what I thought success looked like on the outside. I realized that I had developed this picture due to unmet needs of being liked, accepted, loved, respected, acknowledged, and valued. When I met those needs intrinsically, I was able to see and feel my purposeful path of inspiring others to tune into being an expression of their authentic self.

When you become conscious about your needs and begin to meet these yourself, you will get out of your own way. You will stop sabotaging your full potential. The clarity of your next steps will open up, one step at a time. In other words, you will hear your deeper calling, instead of what you think you need to do to be successful.

Your higher purpose will naturally unfold as you tune into your inner voice trusting your intuitive knowing.

4. Become Your Own Best Friend

So, if you are going through a transition as we speak, allow yourself to feel the space of vulnerability and uncertainty. Feel the stretch and acknowledge every feeling coming inside you (yes, be with your feelings and do not squash them down or add story to them). Become your own best friend inside this space, and make sure you do not try to fill the space up with old habits that no longer serve you.

Speak kindly and gently to your fears and doubts with support and guidance just like you would a scared child. Instead of making my feelings wrong and burying them by pushing harder, I decided to become my own best friend and speak to myself with a supportive, kind, and loving voice. This was very different for me as I have always been very hard on myself.

If you continue to beat yourself up with the old theory of ‘no pain – no gain’ (like I used to), you will find yourself working harder and harder to achieve. Get off the treadmill of continually hitting a glass ceiling and feeling exhausted daily. As you do, your health, vitality, and well-being will improve in a positive light. Your relationships at work and home will become more harmonious as you create a better connection within yourself.

5. Align with your Free-Flow Zone

Too often, I have felt lazy if I was not keeping busy or feeling like I was not being productive. When in fact, I was living a false sense of productivity with my ego-self being the driver and not the truth to getting to know myself.

How often do you find yourself jumping too quickly to get on the busy path instead of allowing the space to guide us one step at a time?

Your inspiring vision will come to you when you stay in a state of ease, flow, and stillness connecting with mind and body.

Ask yourself these 5 questions if feeling challenged right now:

  1. What meaning am I making from this event/change?
  2. What am I learning about myself in who I am and how I act or react?
  3. Why am I working this way, and what new insight have I gained?
  4. Whom do I choose to become now that I know this about myself?
  5. What further actions am I going to take to support my new commitment?

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Courageously Step into the Unknown with the 5 Evolving Pathways, especially when Facing Challenging Transitions. Transform into a highly Intuitive Visionary Leader of Life!

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