Are you trying to keep control of everything and everybody around you and still feel like you don’t have any space and time for yourself?

Or are you the type of person who needs to feel validated and valued by helping others, and as a result, you’ve lost your vitality and have little energy left for yourself?

If you can relate to this exhausting way of living and leading, then there is a high probability you have defined your success on the external validation of accomplishments. No matter how much you achieve, you feel like you are ‘not enough’ and want to know how much more you need to do to excel in feeling truly fulfilled.

In today’s fast-evolving world, high-achieving leaders feel the pressure more than ever before to achieve the next level of success. They are dreading the feeling of having to push and drive themselves, yet again, when the last thing they want to do is jump back on the never-ending treadmill.

They are looking for new grounded ways to elevate their focus and increase their energy. To activate high performance levels reaching greater heights without hitting the wall. They want to make a real difference as their true self, living and leading in their zone.

What Champion Athletes Know about High Performance in the Zone?

Champion athletes know the importance of performing in the zone as this activates a powerful mind-body connection to achieve excellence. With the activation of leading-edge creative potential, their energy levels are naturally higher and more sustainable, with greater clarity, focus, and resilience.

They trust the higher intelligence inside their body that intuitively guides their next right steps in each moment. They intrinsically capture the presence of the right opportunities at the right time without force.

When you act and go against what your body is guiding you, you will create a state of unease inside your body. You will develop feelings of unfulfillment, no matter how hard you work or how high you aim. Your mind will activate actions coming from old habits, knowledge, and beliefs that may no longer serve you.

Consequently, your actions will not flow, and they will feel disjointed. You will feel a strong sense of disconnection from who you are, which will keep you from living your full potential.

The key is to go inwards.

High-performing champions know the importance of on-field training and off-field training. They prioritize combining the inner work of their mental, emotional, and spiritual development with physical activity for the evolution and sustainability of next-level peak performance.

Why is it essential to live and lead in your zone connecting with your body’s intelligence?

Some of the world’s most highly successful leaders have elevated their higher self to transform from traditional leaders to more physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually connected and intuitive visionary leaders of life. They always remain focused on their mission by living and leading in their zone.

As an Intuitive Visionary Coach, I’ve witnessed first-hand when leaders disconnect from their true selves because they are not connecting with their body’s intelligence. The natural flow of their communication and leadership style is significantly affected because they have stepped into living and leading through someone else’s vision, values, models, and scheduling.

That’s why great leaders are not unleashing their full potential.

It’s always a surprising revelation when coaching professional leaders who quickly realise just how much they have disconnected from the guidance of their body’s higher intelligence. As I hold the space for their truth to land, they feel and hear the powerful clarity of their inner voice, possibly for the first time.

I feel very humbled to often witness a tear well up in their eyes with a sense of sadness because of their new insights.

They realise this disconnection has dulled their senses because they are out of alignment with the essence of who they really are. Consequently, they hold themselves back without even realising that they have an inner mentor within that is courageously and confidently guiding them on how to stay aligned and connected with the powerful presence of their instinctual knowing.

Suppose you’re a professional leader, business owner, or entrepreneur who is on a mission to step into the infinite power of your full potential and want to make a real difference contributing to the planet. In that case, it is vital to connect with your body’s intelligence throughout the day. This is your unique indicator of how you best live and lead in your zone to achieve tremendous success, fulfilment, purpose, and joy.

The Power of Your Next Inspired Step

Whatever is going on in your personal and business life right now, there is an infinite power guiding you towards the right place, the right opportunities, the right people – at the right time – with less effort, less stress – more ease, and greater flow.

Your intuitive intelligence guides you to the clarity of your next inspired step in each moment.

Are you listening?

When you listen and trust the nudges, signs, symbols, and synchronicities of life, you will sense messages that you are to listen to and action. Start with where you are at right now.

“Bloom where you are planted.”

Create New Success Rituals to Stay Connected with your Intuitive Intelligence

As a passionate, intuitive visionary leader and executive coach who mentors high-performing leaders, I talk a lot about how to discover the infinite power to live in alignment with mind, body, and spirit as the leader of your whole life.
A large part of fulfilling your higher purpose to realise your inspirational vision is to gain conscious awareness by connecting with your intuitive intelligence.

Let’s reflect on three powerful ways to create daily success rituals to stay connected to the infinite power of living and leading in your zone.

You may want to get your journal out and write down any insights you gain that will support you in creating your new daily spiritual practice.

1. Focus on the Power of your Breath

Your breath guides you and helps you hear your next inspired action. Through the vibration of your breath, you will find the alignment you seek with greater conscious awareness connecting with your intuitive knowing. The answers to every question you have are always inside the connection of your breath.

“Are you turning inwards or looking outwards?”

As you create space in your mind and your body through the connection of your breath, you will hear your inner voice guiding you towards the natural unfolding of the evolution of your life path. When you consciously connect with your breath, you will sense strong guidance, gain more profound clarity and focus on your inspirational vision.

As you consistently trust your intuitive next steps, embody the presence of your true self, and know that life is powerfully unfolding inside of every step you take. The next step will always become evident from within – not without!

2. Start your Day with Complete Alignment

Before you step out into the world at the start of your day, find the alignment by turning inwards, connecting with nature, and the things that bring you vitality, wellbeing, and joy. Make it your morning ritual to be in alignment with your breath, feel the spaciousness, and connect from inside out, listening to your inner knowing.

“The way you start your day will always be your theme for the day.”

When stepping into your day, become conscious from within as you take your next steps. I do this by placing my mind within my body and breathing into the space feeling calm expansion. This helps you to connect with your inner body so that your mind does not jump straight into your ‘to do list’.

The more you practice being present to the embodiment of your breath, the longer you will maintain true alignment.

The specific ways I enjoy staying in alignment with mind and body is through physical activity, meditation, journal writing, walking in nature, swimming in the ocean, conscious breathing, yoga etc. Enjoy exploring your preferred ways to start your day in complete alignment.

3. Tune into your Next Inspired Steps

Only you know if you want to move in a particular direction. Or have you been thinking about doing something, but you keep pushing it aside. Your inner body will always know if this is the right direction for you by the way you feel.

It is not a head thing telling you, “This is my goal” or “I should do this”. Notice if you are trying to step into the ‘good old days’ of your prime times. These may be old beliefs that may longer serve you. Stay present to fresh new insights into your authentic self.

“Practice listening into your body by taking actions that inspire you now.”

Start with small steps by asking yourself today, “What is one thing I know I want to do for myself today?” You may need to build your trust muscles again. Especially if you haven’t been listening in and trusting the intuitive guidance of your body’s intelligence.

Be patient with yourself as you may be challenging old beliefs that no longer serve who you are. It is essential to trust the intuitive guidance of your next inspired steps for your creative potential to shine through.

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Live and Lead in your Zone Connecting with your Intuitive Intelligence. Transform into a highly Intuitive Visionary Leader of Life!

My experience as Australia’s leading intuitive leadership coach and executive mentor for CEO’s, professionals, leaders, and entrepreneurs helps you accelerate your growth, connecting you with your higher purpose and infinite potential as an inspirational leader of your whole life.

I am passionate about partnering with you to master your destiny by creating a life, career, and business you love to live in complete alignment with your values, vision, goals, and purpose. My highest purpose and inspirational vision are for you to live with purpose and realise your inspirational vision as a highly intuitive leader of life.

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